This document is designed to provide an outline of our standard development deliverables relating to browser support. It is intended to be a modular document, sections can be updated or removed to meet any specific client requirements.


Our development approach is based on standards and best practice for creating accessible, modular, scalable and performant code. By basing our approach on best practices, we aim to develop an inclusive experience for all web users; where access to functionality and content is of primary importance and design is used to enhance that experience.


Access to the Web is as diverse as it's users and in providing support we aim to make Web functionality and content as accessible as possible. Providing browser support is not about forcing the same visual and behavioral experience across different browsers, where different browsers may have varying capabilities and users may have different requirements. To force a specific experience will prevent users accessing functionality and content.
To identify the level of support we can provide a browser, we grade browsers by the experience they are capable of providing the user. Our browser grading system is outlined in this document.


We understand that the client may have specific requirements for interactive development. e.g. support of a specific browser that may otherwise be unsupported in or standard practices or the use of a particular technology that have implications for the development process. Where requested, we can analyze client data to identify specific circumstances and modify our standard Graded Browser Matrix accordingly. Adjusting our Graded Browser Matrix may require additional cost and time on the project.
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